Wake up Sunshine...


Wake up Sunshine...

Wake up sunshine, 
I think its time,
You make my heart flatline,
I know this is a sign,
So when will you be all mine??

I feel like the criminal & you are my crime,
But someone is covering my eyes with slime,
I cant see oh crap I am Blind,
Wait no im not, you light my way thru this dark mind...

You are a lifesavor,
Sent to me from Our Lord & Savior,
All i want to do is kiss you forever & forever,
Cant wait till we are together....

I cant sleep & when i do im drooling over you,
You keep my words all mixed up like an animal in a zoo,
I do, I do, I do, All i wanna do is lather a protective love around you,
I wanna save & protect you from everyone whos using you,
I wanna open your eyes so you can see the truth,
God sent me so you have to go to him with your issues... 

Good luck arguing cuz hes still laughing at me,
Isnt that Man funny?? Yeah haha makes me laugh hysterically,
Thanks alot Lord, I love you too now wheres the key?? 
I wanna release us prisoners & be free, just Johnnie & Me....

I know you are the one guiding our feet,
So please i Beg and Plead, Rescue us please,
You know this love you gave us is what we both need, 
So make us the garden & get rid of the weeds....

Why is there holes on this path thats so heavenly??
I know you are the one who made me freeze,
You opened my eyes so i could clearly see,
Now show him too so we can obey you & make you happy...

But wait danm you satan,
This better not be you & your demons,
Johnnie is all mine for the taken,
And I was told by God i can have him,
So back off before you get a serious beaten!!!!! 

Good Morning Sunshine, I hope you had a good time,
I wanna make you all mine till the end of all time,
You are always dancing freely in my mind,
I may need a dr after all this gravel & grind.... 

You are a miracle on earth
Sent to rescue me from all this pain & hurt, 
You are my bodyguard from all this torture,
But why does there have to be darkness to this picture??
When will we have a chance to be lovers???

Or is this all a game untamed by my mind??
Were you the gem I wasnt supposed to find??
I didnt plan on being blinded by your shine, 
You stole my heart and soul & instantly reclined.... 

Now here i am again, mixing words that rhyme,
I havent been able to this for a long time, 
I guess my gift is no longer on decline, 
I thought I was gonna have ta resign,
Then you came along and now i feel just fine...
You are my Sunshine... 


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Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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