A Moment


  • Friendship

    A Moment

    The 4x6 photograph catches them,

    the two friends laughing at a silent joke,

    5 years have passed since they were those children,

    Though the feelings of those times are not just memories.

    Soft grass under our feet,

    the smell of flowers in the air,

    While the bass of a radio gives the ground a pulse,

    can't wait until night time comes.

    Airplanes quickly shade them from the sun,

    as squirrels cower from the sound,

    sounds muffled by a reving engine,

    yet their laughter still breaks through.

    A frisbee is thrown and returned quickly,

    Freckled cheeks hid under the shade of a baseball hat,

    a bee wakes up, only to move on with a gental hum.

    The older boy and girl stand together now,

    They had always wondered what had changed,

    but now, their smiles bring them back.

    Many days go by, with wishes to be that way again.

    Though time has brought on hardships,

    they get to be happy again, if only for a moment.



















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    bluewolf commented on A Moment


    The wording of your poem is quite expressive in creating an image of childhood and the impact those memories have on us even till this day. How nice it would be to escape back to the time, even for just a little while, and relive those wonderful feelings of abandonment and emotional freedom.



    Thanks a lot. And yeah, even though i'm still a kid, I wish I could go back to "happier" days.

    MelodyDumplin commented on A Moment


    Very well worded and constructed. I'm a little lost, but I think I get what you are trying to portray, although nothing like this has ever happened to me, therefore, I can't relate to it. However, that's not your fault. Loved it!



    Thanks a lot, and yeah, I know about the confusion, it confused me writing it too but then I figured let's just go for it haha.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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