The Bell...


Poem Commentary friend nam1292 inspired this....well im not really a christmasy person i wrote it anyway...enjoy

The Bell...

As day turns to night

a little boy sits at the window

anxiously waiting to see Santa.

His eyes were closing but he would force them open.

I have to see him. I need to prove that he exists”

Not many people in this town have the Christmas spirit.

No trees line the sidewalks, not carols fill the air, no lights hang in the streets.

Kids have been saying that Santa doesn't exist

that it is only their parents eating his cookies, drinking his milk,

and leaving presents with little cards that say “from Santa”.

They say that even if there was a Santa

he always leaves them broken bells, bells that don't ring.

maybe I should just believe them and go to bed and never think of Santa again.”

still he sits at the window, head resting against the window pane,

mumbling the words that he wanted no one to hear.

He doesn't remember when but he guesses he fell asleep

he awoke on Christmas morning in his own bed.

A joy filled smile comes to his face and he jumps out of bed and runs to his parents' room,

mom dad, its Christmas! Wake up!”

all of them run to the living room and look at the tree.

Beneath it presents flood the floor.

Everyone just stands there staring,

finally the little boy runs to the presents and finds one that is for him that says “from Santa”

he rips open the present and he cant believe his eyes.

It was a game, a game that he wanted... but never told anyone about.

How'd they know” he whispers only loud enough for him to hear.

Now he knew Santa does exist.

They all finished opening all the presents and went to eat breakfast.

He couldn't eat much because he was so excited.

He went back to the living room and looked at the tree,

beneath it was a single present.

He walks over and kneels down by it and sees it is for him.

He opens up the box and sees a little red bell and a letter.

He takes the letter out and reads it

To Timmy, you believed in me and you never stopped. Take this bell and shake it,”

he picks up the bell and shakes it and hears it ring,

see there your bell rang, not everyone's bell rings...that is because they don't believe in me.

If they did it would ring just like yours. Always believe and never stop.

Take care my boy. Love Santa”

he puts the letter down and holds they bell with both hands.

he does exist, I knew it.” ring, ring,ring,ring...

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winterkou commented on The Bell...


Nice christmas story , about the questions that arises amongst kids does santa exist. Hmm well does he. My kids do believe and of couse they have several movies depict a character , person playing santa, so is he real or fictional, that is all in your own mind what you believe.

bubba commented on The Bell...


Wow sk8 its lovely it really is i like it, it takes me back to my younger days its almost like reading a book that just traps you inside i really do love it keep it up kudos

singinggrace commented on The Bell...


see i told u u could do it! i am so glad u finished this, great job ~ grace

ApaqRasgirl commented on The Bell...


that was a really fantastic christmas story......loved it and you told it so well.....thanks for keeping the spirit asha

angelchaser commented on The Bell...


A very sweet Christmas story, honey:) Nice job and Merry Christmas:D

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