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    Sitting on this snow covered ground
    I see people walk past me but they don't see me.
    Once in a while I get the courage to reach out
    and my fingers brush against someone's coat.
    Feeling it, warm and soft, against's my hand, I think
    It makes me wish I had one of my own.

    Leaning against this newly budding tree
    I hear people laughing but they don't seem to notice me.
    When I finally choose the moment to reach down
    my hand finds a beautiful, freshly bloomed flower.
    Feeling it, and seeing a little girl put on in her hair
    it makes me wish I had no cares in the world.

    Sitting on these sun reflecting bleachers
    I watch kids playing baseball but not caring about the heat.
    There are times I get the nerve to look at their feet
    my eyes see new, yet broken in, sneakers.
    Seeing them, comfortable and new, I start to think
    Hoping I could have a pair of new shoes one day.

    As I sit on this leaf adorned park bench
    I see kids walk by in costumes but looking not-so-scary.
    After I work up the nerve, I finally speak out
    my words getting ignored, lost in the breeze.
    Noticing that, It makes me think about my life
    how there is no one to listen if I need help.

    This is my life
    all year 'round.
    Beaten shoes on my feet,
    no coat on my arms.
    No laughter on my breath...
    just another homeless day.

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    Laurenrose commented on Homeless


    Certainly a situation I can relate to...when you are invisible to the world all you got is your own thoughts and reflection



    Definitely. I think everyone, or at least most people, are invisible at times.

    BreeLove commented on Homeless


    Weel Written- and i know the feeling of being invisable, never seen , never heard! its why i write



    Thank you. And so do I.

    dahlusion commented on Homeless


    "This is my life all year 'round. Beaten shoes on my feet, no coat on my arms. No laughter on my breath... just another homeless day"—this is seriously affective; it breathes with pain and hopelessness. Bravo!



    Thank you. Funny how things turn out when you don't even set out to write. thank you, again.



    You're welcome, and I also have a poem titled: "Homeless" that I wrote several months ago and is a part of the manuscript for my fourth book, with 62 new poems. —smiles))

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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