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the loss of a friend is among the greatest grief


on the news
they flashed her smiling grace
at that very moment
tears rushed down my face
the media showed her photos
the happy ever after
the promised but failed fruition
not the longing in her laughter

she was a song
sung sweet or strong
she was a lovely dance

when she walked by
she left water-coloured images
in your mind's eye
but like everything beautiful, she could break
her multi-layered wings burned too close to the sun
she fell from the sky and was strangled by a lake

my eyes will stay damp with tears
but i will celebrate her life
for the rest of my years

i miss you, lauren

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gmcookie commented on lauren


What can be said? Life is sometimes not just. But then again, it never pretends to be. The loss of a friend leaves a wound that never really heals over. But we owe it to the departed to keep on pushin' and bring meaning to this unjust planet.



thank you .

jademelissa74 commented on lauren


Crush, I havent' been around the site in quite a while. I am truly sorry to be made aware of such news, especially through a well-offered poem. The piercing feeling is raw, exposing a fresh wound. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless and stay up.



oh thank you so much for your time and understanding.

WordSlinger commented on lauren


Crush, your poetry is always a great read, but this one shows the readers how delicious your skills are, Icing, and the cake itself is appreciated, as the customer says to the baker, I'll be back, good day.. ty WS



lol....thank you WS. i adore you. your comments on my work are great and are actually more expressive than my poems. thank you for your time.

arronpalmer commented on lauren


My girlfriend's name is Lauren. This moved me. The last line is so so simple, but effective. I'd like to say well done, but of course I'd rather you'd never had to have written it, and that your Lauren was still around. Still, nice tribute.



i am sure your lauren is as lovely as mine was / is. just treat her like a princess. thank you for your time. i do so appreciate it.

Jammin commented on lauren


I love "...the longing in her laughter..." How grief-stricken you sound. I hope all is a little lighter now... Her beauty was wonderfully conveyed. How lucky to have known such a woman...



she is missed and thank you for your compliment. it is most appreciated.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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