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    i am not feeling feeling sorry for myself. i am just expressing how angry i am at the cancer that is threatening my life. i am so angry but i will use this anger to fight this demon that wants to take me away from my family and friends .bring it ! i am not giving up !



    i have my fingers and t's crossed
    my eyes peeled and my mind, lost !
    wired tight, before and because
    i'm more messed up than i thought i was
    reality is sprayed on
    the paint covers my hands in hues and blues

    pain is trained on
    my childhood and my mother
    i wish i could express how much i love her

    my children and i
    we do not speak of such an invasion and treason
    anger has forced an unreasonable season
    where we are afraid

    spring has sprung
    as i am hung out to dry on the plain
    this wind and weather
    makes my colours run like tears and rain
    and stain the earth

    i am so angry that it brings me to cheers
    i grow heartbroken and unholier.
    the melancholia ;
    a dance to prescribed music
    and transcribed lyrics from songs
    of well meaning men

    if i didn't have hands i would die
    but, i would lie about it, too
    as i spray on reality.


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    MootPoint commented on cancer


    Just wondering if "me to cheers" is meant to say "me to tears"? Or is it meant to be ironic.



    it was meant to be angrily ironic :) thanks for reading me. I am cancer free now. WOOOH !



    So glad you are in remission. This write is really profound. I like to give comments as you know. How about a different title? Tears of cancer? I don't know, "Invasion and Treason?



    Moot, tears of cancer is a valid title. i think i will keep the as "Cancer". Naming a poem, to me, is as special as naming a child and sending it off into the world.




    timurshax commented on cancer


    For the first time ever I could live mere moments of this unfortunate condition myself through your imaginative, vivid verses. Keep writing and never give up! Thank you and God Bless!

    shywoodrose commented on cancer


    All I can say is that you are not alone, whether family friends or distant internet aquaintances this ugly disease can bring people together. My momma died nearly two years ago of cancer and although it hurts so badly I trust that the Lord knows what he is doing. You have a strong spirit and you will get through this :) Spend lots of time with loved ones and take each moment as it comes. Fresh, raw, organic food when affordable will give you some nutrients to replace those stolen but the free radicals. Positive thoughts and cherishing small beauties strengthen the soul. Prayers are being sent from miles and miles and miles away :)



    Thank you so much. Yes, your advice mirrored the corrective steps I did take and now I am through all treatments and doing better. The mistake I made was trying to go through this all by myself. Bad, bad idea. I am looking forward to a great summer. Thanks again.

    tierra7 commented on cancer


    Oh Honey, I am sooo sorry to hear breaks my heart.I am here should you need a shoulder to lean on or an Ear to bend.....Stay Strong!! do Not let the Enemy Win......if God takes you to it...He will lead you through it...(((((huggz)))))Namaste, Tierra



    thank you. i am on my final treatments where they have even cancelled my last chemo theo with the belief that i will not need it ! so, i am optimistic ! thank you for caring. kisses.

    Kingwebstar commented on cancer


    This poem is deep.I am sorry to hear of you condition. My mom has had H.I.V for 25 years now and if God has a purpose for you to stay then you will remain here .You will be in my prayers for now on .Stay strong and live life to the fullest. Love DA KING



    Thank you so much, my friend.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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