• Love

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    this is simply an account of a teenage love that was too big for the too small.


    she would bite her lip before she would kiss me
    i loved that
    i gave her roses
    and removed the thorns with bloodied fingers
    i scribbled down her name
    in a swift and ready verse
    she hid my letters in her guarded purse
    she was mine
    she loved me with tears that would roll and run
    she loved me all stalwart like a shotgun;
    i was too young for this kind of love
    and her passion proved crippling
    and rippled through my life
    like a serrated hunting knife
    essentially this girl in love
    eventually lost my love
    but she still bit her lip
    took her love underground
    and loved me in private


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    frog commented on thorns


    omg this poem is so real and full of emotion. A lot of truth spoken in it. Another great write!

    cheronld commented on thorns


    Nothing sadder than someone falling out of love when all you can do is to love.....too much of a good thing.......nicely done...



    you said it ! thank you for reading me....i am big fan of yours and respect your opinion.

    xntric commented on thorns


    So wonderful and sad. To many moments in this life to do not get the chance to bloom fully because of bad timing or mismatched emotions. Wonderful poem.

    hjaycarney commented on thorns


    words of great passion directly from the heart. compelling

    WordSlinger commented on thorns


    Nice, the ending is so dang good, I like it alot, ty WS

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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