Life is Poetry


Life is Poetry

Life is Poetry 

Human being is poetry
We all sing a different song
Each and every one of us
Expressing one own feelings
Can be extraordinarily hard for some
I for one
Am not the best
Keeping in time with the rhyme
I’ll try my best
Getting into
Than the rest
Life is Poetry
Your can’t fail the test
Be it good bad sad mad
You’re not alone
Because life’s Poetry
You all are the best
live and Learn
God Bless

Blue sky at night

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lorenzo commented on Life is Poetry


life is poetry...beautiful....and you're a beautiful poet !!!



thank you for reading my Poems.............

blueberry commented on Life is Poetry


A very uplifting poem, thanks for sharing Bluskyinthenite.



thanks blueberry, Have a wonderful day

knight4696 commented on Life is Poetry


Blue - Very Nice!!! Life is poetry ... we just have to open our eyes to see it. Everything from a delicate flower, an inanimate object, to love and the evil that surrounds us. Poetry is found everywhere and it's poets like yourself that have taken notice. Great insight! :) Ken



and you oh so very much for reading my lines....

Marsink commented on Life is Poetry


Yes! Life is poetry, but not always 'poetic' (at least my life could just be a mediocre poem) I think when life is newer, with the exploits and new vistas of youth, life is more poetic in experience. Your view is fresh with refreshing energy to emote a zest for living. Thank your for sharing your crisp perspective!



I thank you for your commit gracefully and well put elevated and uplifting on your insight in my perspective of poetry. Crisp! you say. Hey i thank you very much for that.....

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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