Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


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    Recklessness of young people texting took a life yesterday. Motorcycle accident head on collision. My prays are out to they're family. God rest there souls. It could have been me. I was on that very road.

    Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    You didn’t see me
    Memorial Day weekend
    I looked right at you with a smile
    You looked down with a stare
    You were preoccupied with texting
    Chatting on the phone
    Yelling and screaming
    To someone unknown
    I thought you seen me

    Head on collision
    My life pasted by me
    As I laid bloody, mangled, mutilated
    Dieing on the road
    My motorcycle was crushed
    As am I

    Your carelessness of texting has determined
    My demise
    Fatality of the disaster was preventable
    Inevitable for me
    For I didn’t see it coming

    Extinction of me

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    SavVySam commented on Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    That makes me so mad!;( Such a thoughtless and senseless loss! Stirring piece you've created in memorial.



    Ohhh Thank you very much for reading.. means so much feel like crying... I was moments away from this fatality. Couple people seen me on my bike that evening. They said Ohhh I thought it was you. Big hugs and relief.... Thank you Jesus. For not taken me that day... Please help me to be a better person this and every day.

    knight4696 commented on Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    Wow Blue! This is such a deeply sad and yet powerful write. A life taken because of anothers lack of responsiblity or disregard of their own actions. Texting while driving - should not only be punishable by fine - but by jail time upon first offense. It can cause an unnecessary death as you have penned. I praise you for this insightful, heartfelt piece. Awesome Job and straight to faves! and a 100++++ Ken

    EinStud commented on Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    There is that moment between crash, and extinction. It is a moment of one split second. I wonder if a lifetime flashed before his eyes? Did he realize that all was lost in that one split second? Did he wish and beg that he could change his behavior and do better by society and God, all in that one split second?... and here we all have plenty of time to do this, but don't. Thank you for this poem and opening my mind for this one split second.



    Thank you for taken the time to read... One split second and our lives take a turn. I pray i can make a difference today....



    You did.

    mustascheman commented on Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    Hi there, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner..been preoccupied with school, life, kids, wife...that old chestnut! Not that my wife is a chestnut...oh boy...Anywho about your poem..I am certain that experience was a bit mind rattling and you felt it enough to write about it. The important thing is that you were able to articulate your feelings, even if for a brief moment, to allow your mind to take in what has happened and how it could have been you. Now the honesty kicks in..If you wrote this poem in a hurry you are excused, if not I guess it's just me, and I am not 'picking' on you what so ever, but I would like to see you work on fixing some spelling errors. I am guilty of this offence as well, but regardless of how good the poem is a spelling error can take the wind out of its' sails. Talk to you soon! A.T.



    Thanks for reading.. Yes I seem to rush on my works some times. Spell check should be used. Thank you

    lorenzo commented on Memorial Day Weekend ~Fatality~


    i'm glad that you're still rolling down the road of life.......



    Thank you very much for reading my writes... thanks

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

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