Blue Inca Night (Verse)


  • Grito
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Blue Inca Night (Verse)

A plethora prescence of a little ray of moonlight, 
cat's eye blue in the sleeping coal jungle night,
smoothly eyes shadows in pure silver.

The cowering cirrus clouds in mystery,
awed by the full blue moons' glory,
insist in their ice plumage and so crowd her!

By toucans' call and parrots' screech,
her clouds collecting dour and dark moisture in the speech
that is the promise of the next daily magical rain squall
as notary Iguanas, blue and green, do record all.

A sanguine scorpion pale glow mosses
the poison centipedes tentacling as if languid laces,
amidst the jade leaf wetted white and yellow lilies.

Pink and white flamingos stands by Fer De Lance can dream,
Gray and tan Brahma, standing in their sleep, sentenially steam,
while vapid Coral and 30 foot Aanaconda snakes stealthily stream.

like a demented woman a screeching ten foot leopards' scream,
Cayman cage creek and bending with Piranha hungrily scheme.
A night of venal delight when real vampire bats fly and crawl all seem
to want to bite and taste your cute little city dream.

See what to a giant Red Tarantula is delight
in this effervescent fanged Urutu Viper summer Boa's blue night,
sweet meat for free when left to play when they said to go ahead and eat
after Auca voice a just want to play and poison dart and shrink your head, Ned!

Yet high in this lovely and so serene a screen
tiny little city civil Marmosets hold their hems and can be seen
to be entrusted in a stenciled delicate tea leap to avoid
the God sent sharp eyed Green Blue Inca Jungle Boys that enjoy
all hunted and thought deadly prey with cultured cutsey bits of blood
and succulent veal soft sinew with which to toy, boiee!!!


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WordSlinger commented on Blue Inca Night (Verse)


Anyone that reads this swet poem, Please read the comments, lol

Tempy commented on Blue Inca Night (Verse)


animal theme was very picturesque. i'm very impressed with the detail

cousinsoren commented on Blue Inca Night (Verse)


A BEAUTIFUL and SUPERB PIECE OF SURREALISTIC ART, Friend, Grito. I shall have to return to it again and again beofre I can write an apprecation, But I hope to write itsoon. My rating 10X10++++

Waterwizard2005 commented on Blue Inca Night (Verse)


Absolutely amazing. The best poem I have read so far. Such word and such a great sound.



Thank you very much for your excellent review Waterwizard!!

mla commented on Blue Inca Night (Verse)


Enjoyed your poem - I felt surrounded by Nature as I read it.



Thank you very much for your most kind review Mia!!!

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