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    Agua si se cae en el monte
    ya sin darle luz al ciervo buey.
    A semental blanco ando al gosero
    con cundiamores y collores
    desoviando joyas al paso.

    Sombrero ancho y plano
    gesto negro por hojas verdes
    a la bahia de azul y blanco
    darle el beso con los ojos
    majestuoso hogar del grito.

    Olas placidas bañan la playa
    alabanza a la perla del mar.
    Cariño materno como madre tierra
    baliza a mi paz eterno
    deuda a sonrisa dar.

    Si la luz del dia sale
    y la bendicion sea mia,
    ando con amor sin frio.
    Amparo viento de vida.
    Esperanza da el dia.

    Ya me voy mi canto hecho.
    Mañana que traiga otra via.
    Sabor de nuevos labios
    y amanecer en esos lasos
    es saber que eres mia.

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    tierra7 commented on Canto(Spanish)


    Sir Grito...i have been enjoyin' so much of your fabulous work...and ...oooh noooo...i'm at a wall here..i'm stuck at the gate....i'm in line right behind WS....for an interpretation...if you would please so kindly share ......i understand a bit....and i can tell this much...i need to keep some Kleenex handy... Spanish Poetry is very Romantic.... Namaste...Terra @}-'-,- w/o a doubt...its worth a 10 from me.



    Done Tierra, please let me know what you think of it!!!



    Oooh my Goodness...ty Sir Grito for the interpretation....that was wonderful... this indeed is the most perfect write. ~smile~ i knew to keep some tissue at hand...i'm a hopeless romantic for high maintenance poetry ~smile~ ...and oooh my for the love of and missin' of ones native land even more so.but that's just the tip of the ice burg here...what transpired here totally blew me away....what i also found so absolutely facinatin' and drew even more tears to my eyes that (takin' a deep breath..fannin' fingers at eye level) is the fact that You Sir .....our dear Grito the most fantabulous poet took the time to interpret ...i was tickled...i thought that was a priceless gesture in itself...ty are Genuine...Namaste...Merry Christmas and may Peace surround you..with Good friends... the new Year ..Terra @}-'-,-



    Bless you!!!

    WordSlinger commented on Canto(Spanish)


    some one send me a translation, parvorvor, please,:)



    Done WordS, I hope you like it.

    jademelissa74 commented on Canto(Spanish)


    Lo que el mañana traiga, el amor lo moldera.......Simplemente lindo! . .



    Muchas gracias joya, este es mi primer poema a mi isla patria, Puerto Rico.

    blanket commented on Canto(Spanish)


    The dance, the song, the colors, brilliant .....all of it.



    Hi Blanket, so nice to see you drop by, thank you!!

    AIXA commented on Canto(Spanish)


    Hoping you find a new love, with new lips and a new dream.

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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