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Sweet music,
in the notes detected;
fair beauty,
in youth and the sage reflected;
spring love,
a promise seasonally returning;
delicate flower,
a song of floral yearning;
natural springs,
a mineral bouquet;
romantic comedy,
laughter in the play;
love sonnetts,
strings of hearts being swayed;
once blind,
insight when we have strayed;
gospel singers,
angels in the chorus;
hot summer nights,
clinging in the forests;
moon so blue,
 unhappy and love lost;
passionate for you,
a touch we hope will last;
a time to renew,
and gather stones together;
dear Lord,
help us survive the stormy weather;
save us from harm,
to contemplate the galaxy;
and guide us through,
to understand the ecstasy;
the wondrous world
temporal and inviting;
created in your image,
we see you everywhere residing;
to know and voice understanding
and where you are,
molecular ,
eveywhere we turn;
your touch,
macro waxing in us;
by all connected,
and by your spirit directed;
true powers ,
of letters,
and in four words:
the power of yes.

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NevillePark commented on Temporal


There it is ...THE POWER OF YES! Mankind does need to hear YES! Many years ago a group of men were traveling across open territory and they came to a river. One among them was forced to put down his horse. These dudes were crusty, and trail hardened. The man didn't know if he was going to be abandoned far from nowhere but he searched the faces of the band of men. He hastened immediately towards a tall skinny man and asked him if he could ride with him till they got to the next town. His prayer was answered. The others could occasionally be seen looking at the man with a sense of wonder on there faces. When they set up camp later that day the tall man posed the question ..."What made you pick me friend?" to which he replied, " Well, I searched the faces of everyone I thought to ask- but you were the only face that looked like it had a YES attached to it"! The tall man just smiled. Later that day someone in the band of men asked him ... "Don't you know who this man is that your talking to?" to which he replied, "No, he didn't give me his name." He's Republican representative of the House of Representatives. His name is Abraham Lincoln.



A great story Neville, and very apptopriate I think. Thanks for your wonderful commentary and visit!!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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