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In the humid morning
the engine block in my car in the parking
lot emits tinks as it cools
 as I climb the five steps to finger
the coded entrance numbers
next to the glass and chrome doors
and cross the entry to see the geometric marble tiles
cool and gone after a score
of paces to the stainless steel elevator door
 set silently empty by the three wide halls.
I turn and face the steel doors as they close.

Palms out and relaxed inside the trapezoid,
white shirt and green tie leave the sun lights
 tracing lines in the wide hall,
 pulling the leaves of the large potted
cornered plants left  behind.
One finger to the plain white plastic square,
and it lights a soft glow to the number as a reward
I feel centered and shut my eyes.
Somewhere a silent activated solenoid
has switched a smooth jar to ascend.
Gravity cedes to the rise
above the glass and chrome walls,
 and the glassed walls get smaller as they descend
in the grey and black walled void.

Subconsciously drawn by pulleys humming cables,
feet tied to and pulled by the earths center core
through the century old brick and mortar building,
my inner eye seeing from near the ceiling,
I am matrixed by electromagnetic impulses coming
from my body as it pulses in a basilisk
of an ice blue and neon green radiating energy
forming a lighting aura in an asterisk
of coalescing cosmic senses
racing from my hypothalamus 
through the earth's octogonal obelisk
to the universe
the Ding!
I am free.
Eyes open for the two steps
to the cool marble floor.

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knight4696 commented on Elevator


Wow Grito - That was one helluva elevator ride! lol! :) I enjoyed the imagery of this metaphoric trip. Great job my friend! :) Ken

StandingBear commented on Elevator


This work is too cool! I step back, deciding to take the stairs since in front of me a couple awaits, mischievous grins upon their faces. They're humming "Aerosmith's wild song titled : love in an elevator! The elevator hums along! Great!



Hi Standing Bear, you read one of my cosmic poems, thank you for your excellent review!!!

optimistic commented on Elevator


Very balance write for the day activities and events what a lot to go thru in one day sounded exciting.



Hi Op! It is a good way of relieving dailt stress, try it, it works.

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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