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  • GRITO PASSED AWAY ON DECEMBER 17TH, 2010 All the poems I post here are my own and are © ed. Thank you for your visit!.


Water drops,
miniature globes,
minuscule and replete.
Memories revisited with no stops.

As puddles grow,
a pond soon forms,
into a pitted glass sheet.
Mother and son in a surprising lack of snow.

The grass soaks up the rain.
The soil cannot retain,
this moisture from the sky.
A hurried walk all trying to stay dry.

Incessant patter on the roof.
A dribble to the drain.
Green blades quiver and bend.
Past love lost now trying to be a friend.

No sign of sun
to make amends for wetting this fine Saturday,
while winter clouds in a warm front go on,
to let her smile the clouds defray.

String quartet
pulls at the heart,
gold ribbon on the page
as Job I read,
it stops the bleed,
red drops of scarlet rage.

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tierra7 commented on Drops


a soft tamed but deep write in all respects of life and love..Sir Grito...EXCELLENCE is in your nature.. your work is one that all should read...instantaneously appreciate the beauty you share...(thumbs Up ) Namaste Terra @}-'-,- (10+ )



I see that you have reviewed many of my favorite poems Tierra, and that makes me feel very good, thank you soo much!!!

Madelynn commented on Drops


So many diffrent elements I took from this-ok, lets see-first, I love that I could feel and smell and taste the work you penned. Also the deep meanings written so perfectly'between the lines'-such a feat-but mastered so easily by you in this poem! This piece breathes of saddness, and loss~all written in a perfect melencholy presentation of words!-Ah-but then there is that glimmer, that light..as you bring the answer through the lessons our faith promises!-another really great piece!



Your review has made me emotional Madelynn, you saw the sadness and the hope, thank you very much for your most excellent review!!!

knight4696 commented on Drops


A bleeding heart .... a very visual poem filled with metaphoric sadness and the last line "red drops of scarlet rage" genuis! Great job my friend!



Very perceptive review Ken, thank you for your great words!!!

bforibus commented on Drops


wow, this was so deep, but extremely tranquil. hypnotizing even. great job



Thank you very much Bforibus, this is one of my favorites and I am very glad that you enjoyed it!!!

mamasan commented on Drops


This is my first experience listening to gentle soothing music played by water drops and the rain lullabye continues to the puddle and whatever else it merges to........ If you painted this on canvas it would easily bring you in a million; but I got a feeling that is not what this is about. This was a work of love and a tribute to nature. Bless your special kind of genius.



Gosh Mamasan, your review is my millions, thank you very much for your so elegant review!!!!

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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