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thirty eight,
 blue bay.
from beneath
 the umbrella shaded
hotel terrace,
the black hulled
ocean liner's late
monthly arrival
sets sea gulls floating high
to eye and eat.
Her low red
waterline seems
close enough to touch today.
From the grey
smoke stacks
a horn blast wavers across the heat
rising from the bay.
The teak decks,
tan above the white bulkheads,
hold an inviting escape.
the rocky coast
line harboring
a statuesque
twenty story
plaster arabesque
entrance to the city
at the waters edge,
in the wash of the sand
and desert,
scent faint chants
of Muslim prayer overheard
above the crashing waves
and spray.

A caravan
of covered cabin cruisers
and small boats
ferry the crowd
to and from the anchored sway.
The salt air
that time has bent,
like a Dalí painting
in a fractured frame across the beach
and the crowded marketplace
slows into the smell of camphor,
but I don't care.

The world will go mad.
it is its fate.
Little humans
coach nationalism
into an inferno
that war birds
in the sky will help
this orb to quake,
and I let
the banded
cut Cuban cigar
from Montreal deserve
the solace of humanity
in my grateful hand.

Leather boots,
in parts flamed blue, 
tell of the footsteps
leading to the sweet poppy
fields that will soon
flood the world
with its oriental

Wide brimmed hat
sees the ice cubes clink
inside the think
of the cocktail glass
within reach of my hand
from where I sat,
and leaves all prurient thoughts
distill into the drops
descending in the condensation
that leave rings,
wet interwoven rings,
inside Gardel's
tango song,
The song is everywhere.

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blanket commented on Terrace


OK, so I have a long list of poets whom I must read EVERY single poem they have written, and now, dammit, you just added another one to the list!!!! The tart merlot comment led me here, I knew you'd be cultured, educated, and a bit of a smart ass (My type of man, indeed) I babble because this was so much more than I expected. The word play, the spattered internal rhyme (almost like a spice, sprinkled) and the topic, sighs, sighs sighs.....I'm all gush. I'll be back for more....you can bet your best merlot.



LOL!! I feel priviledged to be added to your read list Blanket, thank you you visit and for your spectacular review!!! I'll save you a glass of champagne for your next visit.

JadedJezzabel commented on Terrace


The world will go mad. it is its fate. Little humans coach nationalism into an inferno that war birds in the sky will help this orb to quake, and I let the banded cut Cuban cigar from Montreal deserve the solace of humanity in my grateful hand. i love this stanza.....excellent poem....you never fail to blow me away



Hugs Jaded, many Hugs to you dear!!! I love your review, you have made me very happy!!!

jademelissa74 commented on Terrace


I danced and I danced to the tune of the song, the breeze entered my window and caressed my being..... Amazingly written! You are a talented writer Grito.



De un paso suave, a un paso lento, sombrero a mano, me inclino. Muchas Gracias Jade!!!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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