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  • GRITO PASSED AWAY ON DECEMBER 17TH, 2010 All the poems I post here are my own and are © ed. Thank you for your visit!.


Sane tonight more than a second
I felt this fire hot trembling land
sting a spector as your tides ran
into my oft tortured essence,
this succulent stir there you began.

You my splendid acquiescence,
so near that I know to fathom,

we are faceted in the sand,
as host pearls amidst the beige grains come
whence waves have birthed a star's command.

Here is where my longing lingers,
my most passionate of wagers,
and with you I see it settles,
lips slip in our liquid crystal band,
as the breast of your rosy petals
milks sugared cream upon my hand.

Somewhere winds spell plains with leisure,
gladdening swells with their cloistered view,
sow and sing with reasoned measure
as I serenade the pleasure
of voicing this my song to you.

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tierra7 commented on Star's


Sir Grito, you never fail us....all you pen...comes with soooooo much passion soooo much fire...soooo strong is the desire.....what a beautiful adorin' write.......what a beautiful spell you put us under.....and the beautiful woman whom inspired you to whip out this lovely tune...Namaste...Terra @}-'-,- (10+ )



It is not me Tierra, it is Woman, God's perfect creation, thank you for your most excellent and delicious review!!!

ginga commented on Star's


Grito, A melody of lyrics this treasure is. I love all the imagery, passion and downright lofty ode to this love. Divine! ginga



You make me smile with gratitude dear Ginga, thank you very much!!!

dahlusion commented on Star's


"I serenade the pleasure of voicing this my song to you' — a masterful poetic line! This poem of burning passion is light-up with star light.



Thank you very much for your great and most gracious review Dah!!!

AIXA commented on Star's


From the moment I met you, I knew it was true, Because I couldn’t stop smiling, Nor thinking of you. I couldn’t believe it, Something so wrong I knew, Now that I know your feelings, That you feel the same way too. This feeling’s so wonderful, Like a dream come true, I refuse to stop smiling, Nor thinking of you. Forever yours, AIXA



Besos de estrellas a tus dulces labios!!!

Madelynn commented on Star's


Oh my gosh!WordSlinger told me to get my tush over here and read you, as soon as I got a chance to-really sit and read! Well,he is getting a big thank you for sendingf me over here-and know what?Your gettin' one too!-For writing this...this is so deeply intoxicating in lyric that I had to read this twice-you are amazing! Great write!-Maddi



WordSlinger is quite a fellow, thank you very much for your visit and excellent review Madelynn!!!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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