Soulless Solace


Soulless Solace

I'm the killer inside you
Who snuck in beside you
So close, I can hear you breathe

My sights fixed upon you
The wound drips life from you
The demon is waiting to feed

I have walked with you
Quietly stalking you
Slowly learning your mind

Blinding fears from you
Taking years from you
On the body of your soul, I will dine

You crawl to me in lust
On your knees in disgust
Oh how the tables have turned

The predator cowers confronted
Being devoured by the hunted
The flame is now the burned

With no will to resist
From the need that still exists
You fall limp to the floor

It's my spell you're under
Eyes swell with hunger
Legs spread, wanting more

Take me into your arms
To free yourself from harm
My little catch of the day

I'm like a disease in the air
Carried along on the breeze of despair
Summoned by the evil, for which you've paid

Tonight you danced so graceful
Romanced by the killer of the faithful
The end is closer than it seems

Living for so long with your shame
This song always ends the same
You're dying alone, with shattered dreams

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Evilwoman commented on Soulless Solace


As a dark witch, and sometimes the hunter and hunted, this one calls to me like a night breeze.... thank you, I loved this , trully,... tops the others ( wink ) xoxo Devilwoman

CasimirJash commented on Soulless Solace


This was so good I wish I wrote it. LOL This has inspired me to start writing again...THANKS!

Springsize commented on Soulless Solace


You are the author if this incredibly dark poem.... remembing it from the Island and my vote. You are so capable of evoking the Strongest emotions of chill, just memorable, this is the kind of poem, one does not forget... incredible talent and control to be able to pull it in, kind of like the light owning lightning and dragging that energy into a one page poem, charged, alive, not dull or boring, an A, one-a the best I ever read, didn't like poe's, which is much too long, especially for today's generation, who must tell an entire New discovery of a major value of the entury in a 1/2 hour TV show or All Wisdom Ever Known in a 1 page ... your work is More... it is pulsing.... poetic Poe +

Chaos128 commented on Soulless Solace


Awright, awright, come clean... You wrote the screenplay for "Jennifer's Body" ha ha. Great stuff, Artie!

chalkout91 commented on Soulless Solace


i hate how good you are you...and i know you hate/love hearing it and I feel the same way about telling you but. I love your writing

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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