The Maniac part 2


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    • Posted a new poem first time is a few years check it out its a draft as of right now ill fix the spelling and stuff when I have time

    Poem Commentary

    This poem is more of a story. It is a visual of how a persons situation can go teribly wrong.

    If you like this one check out part 1

    Oh and i like feed back so let me know if you do like.
    Your freind and fellow poet

    The Maniac part 2

    The Maniac part 2
    "The Escape"

    "Its just another night for the guard at the crazy house. Nothing but a dead silent hallway with the occasional scream. The door he was assigned to guard tonight had never been opened to his knowledge. Then, Just as he realized how close he was to the bar on the door....He was dead"

    As the body lay motionless in the hallway
    The other patients start to hear a low mumble
    ..As if someone was..
    With the hallway normally quiet in the middle of the night this was unusual
    Then they start to hear a jingle jangle and they wondered?
    "Could those be.."The Keys!"
    The hallway went into an uproar when they heard pins on the lock turn
    Then the hinges of the door hissed a violent wretched sound
    ..As the Maniac escaped..

    "..Walking into the street covered in blood..
    ..The man ripped off what was left of his strait jacket...
     ..And was never seen again..."

    A poem By: TheAngelOfDeath

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    melanie23 commented on The Maniac part 2


    well done. descriptive and inthralling. cant wait to read more.

    FiloRozzell commented on The Maniac part 2


    Where is he going? let's find out..on to pt three...

    soulwriter commented on The Maniac part 2


    The great escape - it happened a little too fast, but who am I to give direction and timing to a maniac? I am crawling in the shadows onto chapter three....

    keller commented on The Maniac part 2


    ahhh,i can play it all out in my head.wonderful.....let the maniac lose and chock up the dead.



    You need to read the rest of them if you like this one. This is probly the worst of the seres.

    am2anangel commented on The Maniac part 2


    Chilling, I can't get to part 3 fast enough to see what happens next. Again your visual painting is so vivid and real.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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