Reflections Of Yesterday


Reflections Of Yesterday

I used to think - Life was a breeze,
It was all so simple - At least that's how it seemed.
Do you remember ...
The way it used to be?

I used to think - I was so cool,
Smoking and drinking and skipping school.
Do you remember ...
Were you there with me?
Do you remember ...
The way it used to be?

In my reflections of yesterday -
I can still hear the children play.
Though, they seem so far away,
Do you remember??

I used to think - Love was a game,
A fairy-tale world without heartache or pain.
Do you remember ...
Ever being so naive?
Do you remember ...
Were you there with me?
Do you remember ...
The way it used to be?

In my reflections of yesterday -
I can still hear the children play.
Though, they seem so far away,
Do you remember??

I used to think - We'd always be together,
Friends and lovers, together forever.
Oh, Yes I remember ...
I was so naive!!
And, Yes I remember ...
You were there with me!!
Oh, Yes I remember ...
The way it used to be!!!

In my reflections of yesterday -
I can still hear the children play.
Though, they seem so far away,
Do you remember??


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danmartyjake1 commented on Reflections Of Yesterday


Yes, I am there with you and def understand the feeling of hearing the children playing, and small simple things that used to fill whole days, like worms and candy and silly stuff like attaching cards to the spokes on our bikes to hear them flap as we went along. Thanks, Be Well.



Thanks again Marion! :) Yes, the memories are what keep us young, If we let them slip away, the child within us dies and we can become bitter and old. Not a pretty site, :) Thanks again Marion! :) Ken

Artie commented on Reflections Of Yesterday


Yeah I remember.... It's possible you and I lived very similar lives - 10 from me



Thanks Artie - Maybe you're right ... seems we have a lot in common. Including we're both Capricorns. But I gotta 10 yr head start on you! :) Thx Ken

Charlie23 commented on Reflections Of Yesterday


You just gave me a trip back to my youth! Thank you for that one! Ahhh, the memories! Good times! I was at one time that niave, I think that's why life was once so light! Love this one!



Thx Charlie! Your absolutely right - the more we didn't know ...the more we enjoyed. Seems that as we get older life just becomes more complicated. I wrote this while reflecting back on more carefree days! I'm happy you like it. Thx again, Ken

SavVySam commented on Reflections Of Yesterday


This is a wonderful recollection of yesteryear's. How quickly they pass us by! We were there, running through fields next armed with loads of rotten apricots to pummel each other with later! Meeting in the park after dark, and carving our initials in that old tree, and pinky swore to never tell! How mild these misdeeds seem today! I do remember.... . Thanks for that!



Thanks! I think it's nice to reflect back on those days of careless abandon. When life was much less complicated and we were free to enjoy life without adult responsibilities. Thanks again Sam!

DeepEclipse commented on Reflections Of Yesterday


In my younger days when I had better friends I too thought those days would never end. The time was perfect and there was no way it could escape me. Naive indeed. But like this poem it makes endless memories. This poem speaks subtle, yet deep. I like how you don't really give away who the poem is talking to. Almost like it gives that option to the reader. Emotionally written piece.



Thanks Eclipse. I appreciate it. Too bad about your friends, looks like you need new ones. If it's any consolation ... you've found one in me

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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