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One can't help but wonder . . .


One can't help but wonder ...

What if -- I were to tell you
That I've seen horses fly,
Upon the wings of Pegasus
Across the star-filled sky?
Would you look at me and ponder --
Or accuse me of a lie?

What if -- I were to tell you
That I've seen what the future holds,
And sometimes it can be scary
As many prophets have foretold?
Would you look at me and ponder --
Or would you really want to know?

What if -- I were to tell you
That I've lived many lives,
And that life's a menagerie of dreams
A collage of borrowed time?
Would you look at me and ponder --
Or would you just wonder why?

One can't help but wonder ...

What if -- I were to tell you
That the cow jumped over the moon,
And that I was there and that I saw
the dish run away with the spoon?
Would you look at me and ponder --
Or would you think I was a loon?

What if -- I were to tell you
That I've been inside your dreams,
And I know what you've been thinking
About all those secret things?
Would you look at me and ponder --
or would you just simply Scream!?

What if -- I were to tell you
Would you listen and wonder why,
Would you want me to tell the truth
Or would you rather hear a lie?
Would you look at me and ponder --
Or try to read between the lines?

One can't help but wonder ...


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Maleficent commented on Ponder


I swear I've read this one! ;) I gotta dig deep to find one I haven't already commented on in one form or another ;) tell me a lie or tell me the truth... whatever it is I'll believe U ;) love ya! xoxoxo



Hey Babe - I'm sure you have ... You just didn't comment at the time. It happens to the best of us. lol! :) Anyway - I have no reason to lie to you. To you my love I'll always be true. Love ya xxxooo

Teardrops commented on Ponder


i cant help it your poems deserve more than one read and one comment . This poem is beyond awsome its better than a trip to the moon . Ken you need to write some more k Marie



Thank you so much Marie my dear friend! :) You Always humble me with your words. I am so happy I have you as a friend. I'm glad you can appreciate all my styles. Thanks again for the wonderful comments and re-read! :) Ken

Olan01 commented on Ponder


I see you have been where I am; you see what I know and the reverse I am sure is absolute. You read my "mind" and I yours for I lived many lives and entered many dreams and touch innumberable souls. I do like that you elucidate these thoughts and I have become a fan and a sibling in energy.



Thank you Olan! :) I appreciate your read and comments. You humble me so. Thanks again! :) Ken



We are all mere vibrations of the Universe or the One. We know each other in spirit and I stand humbled in your harmony. Love, peace and freedom, Olan

bluskyinthenite commented on Ponder


I just love your work...... please dont tell me a lie. Just look at me and wonder. As the sky that we are under crashes with the thunder.



Thank you so much for your sentiments Blue! :) I really appreciate your flattering comments! Though they do humble me so. And don't worry I have no reason to lie to ya! :) Thanks again my friend! Ken

Teardrops commented on Ponder


I see you have walked in my dreams scary arent they and a man time takes in its arms Love the poem awsome write . Marie



lol! No .. I'm not afraid of the dark. I find it intersting and exciting - so what's to be afraid of? lol! Thanks again, Ken

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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