The Computer From Hell


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    For my good friends Richard and WO who are beset with such frustrations from time to time.

    The Computer From Hell


    As one might guess it came in a black shiny case

    Everything appeared normal and in its proper place

    I plugged it in and I could tell from its first electrifying groan

    That this computer was trouble and a purchase I would bemoan


    Up popped the Windows Welcome just as you would expect

    The screen warm and inviting to gain ones’ utter respect

    I initiated IE and went straight to the net

    I was exuberant. I was surfing. This was a total no sweat.


    Then without warning the electrifying groan came wafting through 

    The screen flashed many colors and then turned a dark blue

    A single simple message appeared that gave me a real fright

    “Unrecoverable error” was the message no further explanation in sight


    Having been given no clue to the problem I did a reboot

    And the bad-tempered computer wouldn’t compute

    It hummed and it hawed and finally relit up the screen

    “Reload Windows” the screen flashed and then turned olive green


    I yanked the cord from its plug to silence the cantankerous beast

    Plugged it back in and waited, fearing the worst to say the least

    To my utter surprise it booted right up, only to crash in the next moment

    Proclaiming “Page Fault” as it shut down so to continue its torment


    I let it sleep overnight and expecting nothing but strife 

    I pushed the start button and held my breath as it sputtered to life

    The disk whirled and the fans roared, lights flashing all around

    It sang its final swan song and then made not a sound


    The services were beautiful, attended by all my close friends

    The eulogy was long, a litany of geeky odds and ends

    No casket was required, just a match to initiate the light

    A long fuse, a steady hand and three sticks of dynamite


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg Jan 5, 2011.      

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    Madelynn commented on The Computer From Hell


    Oh Im lovin' this one!!- Hey i think your computer and my computer should go bowling sometime... lol- I dont even DO the computer thing, and this is my third one in 8yrs- lol.. hey ya got an extra dynamite layin' around- this ones been coughing lately- lol, either THAT or the damn thing figured out how to laugh at me, finally! lol- love this Hampton!!- TJMaddi



    I am pleased that brought forth a chuckle or two. It was actually about a friend of mine's new computer that he paid $1000 for and it refused to run without bombing out daily. He bought a new one and passed the Computer from Hell to me and I am in the process of driving out the devils that reside therein.

    TinaD commented on The Computer From Hell


    I can totally relate to this poem! Computers are so great but when they fail to cooperate I feel like banging them against the wall till all of their insides hang out. Great read.



    We all suffer the frustration you describe. Thanks for the comments.

    Artie commented on The Computer From Hell


    LOL- this is a fantastic write!! I hate it when it happens to anyone, but this read was totally enjoyable.



    Might I hear you release a blood thirsty laugh? Thanks for dropping by to read.

    LenaM commented on The Computer From Hell


    by the way this is going into my favs to cheer me up when I'm down ty ty ty



    Great!. Enjoy it again and again at your leisure

    LenaM commented on The Computer From Hell


    oh yes yes yes !!!!! what a belly buster this was for me to read lmao and will be all day I think lol



    Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it.



    even more so because most of us have gone through this lol

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