Life's Journey


  • Life

    Life's Journey

    Our lives are spawned from nothingness.

    In an instant we are flesh and blood.

    No memories of times past, as none existed.

    Thrust into a world not of our choosing.

    The journey begins.


    Faint memories of infancy shrouded behind misty clouds.

    Our minds struggle to recall our first glimpse of being.

    Perhaps the warmth of a mother’s touch can be recalled.

    And then again, perhaps it cannot, we are never sure.

    Looking back we see what we hope to be true.

    The journey continues.


    Our minds and bodies grow in leaps and bounds.

    Others like us now exist in our mind’s eye.

    We sense pain and joy for the first time.

    We view all that surrounds us in awe.

    A puppy’s lick brings forth sounds of laughter.

    We are now aware that we are alive.

    The journey continues.


    Words form in our brain, first steps are taken.

    Family is recognized and love is born within us.  

    We bond with siblings and yet compete for attention.

    Right and wrong are taught and we now face choices.

    We are thrust into the outside world as formal learning begins.

    The lesson of coexistence must be mastered if we are to survive.

    The journey continues.


    Schooling is long and tiresome but also a time of kinship.

    Childhood friends are made, some to last for years to come.

    We learn of other worlds much different than our own.

    Those of different skin color, language and customs.

    Teachers become heroes never to be forgotten.

    Years pass and our youth is good times, graduation and first love.

    The journey continues.


    The pace of life accelerates and responsibilities abound

    We must make our own way in a world not always friendly

    We marry and before long new lives are in our care

    Struggles never envisioned both burden and strengthen us

    We forge ahead because we have no choice

    We look in the mirror and see the new person we have become

    The journey continues


    Children have married. Grandchildren are born. New journeys begun

    Years of hoping and planning seem endless as time passes

    Children grow, parents are lost, and friends begin to age

    The world around us seems chaotic, filled with greed and uncaring

    We look to God for answers with only silence as a response

    News of friends passing and memorials become all too routine

    The journey continues


    We enter a period of nostalgia looking back at our lives

    Wondering where the time went; wondering what else we could have done

    We look at our spouse, we touch, and we cherish the moment

    We think of what lies beyond this life

    We ponder the issues of whether God has a plan for us

    Or whether we will return to the nothingness of before our birth

    We look skyward one last time at the wonder of the universe, and hope

    The journey’s end is in sight


    ©Copyright 2007 Charlie Gragg



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    Rhymer commented on Life's Journey


    Such insight into lifes progression, well written as always and well said. 10 from me.



    Thank you very much.

    Stryx commented on Life's Journey


    Yes the march of life. You discribe in excellent tones our progression from birth to what we all will face.



    Yes, and we have journey farthest have much to say.

    Charlie23 commented on Life's Journey


    Very good writing! I like the last line...makes me think of the phrase,"better is the end of the thing, than the beggining"



    Thanks for reading and commenting

    MSVanallen commented on Life's Journey


    Interesting perspective on the life journey, from the nothingness of the beginning to the uncertainty of the end. StandingBear was so right in his comment about distractions of life blinding us to the one true path. Meditation and seeking reveal the true path and opened eyes will see life anew beyond the senses! MSV



    Life goes on. Thanks for your comments.

    DavidRayy commented on Life's Journey


    Really Great poem and good flowing writing, like life on fast forword. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    Thank you David.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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