The Female Gender


Poem Commentary

Just a ittle levity with a serious twist

The Female Gender


I recently picked up a magazine and upon looking inside

I spied an article entitled “Getting in touch with one’s feminine side”

Being a life-long believer in all types of exploration

I read on and was soon filled with tons of illumination

It seems that when it comes to sensitivity and caring

I was missing a lot when it comes to loving and sharing

So I made a commitment to give it a good try

And promised for one day to bid my male ego goodbye

The first hour was hard and my resolve was almost not enough

As an itch came upon me and I fought against scratching my stuff

I visited the bathroom and instead of striking the male pose

I lowered the lid, sat down and… the rest I cannot disclose

Suffice it to say that I found the water quite cold

And I imagine I was what you might call “a sight to behold”

Needing a big mug of coffee to stabilize my nerves

I opted instead for a cup of tea and some strawberry preserves

Instead of guzzling it down and letting out a loud burp

I daintily brought the cup to my lips and took a small slurp

I turned on the TV with thoughts of watching some football

But instead tuned to Oprah and settled in to watch it all

I fell asleep within minutes after Oprah gave away 100 cars

And awoke to some guy from India peddling solid wood sitars

It was now time for dinner, steak, fries and beer sounded just fine

But instead I opted for a 100 calorie salad and a small glass of wine

Now my day is over and my exploration is coming to a close

        And I have mixed feelings about bidding my feminine side adios

Being a male provides some freedoms that are great I suppose

Like not wearing bras and those dreaded panty hose

But there is a lot to be said about the woman’s gentle touch

Her softness mixed with unrelenting determination and such

So all you tough guys out there set aside the macho window dressings

Tell her you love her tonight and count your many many blessings.


©Copyright Charlie Gragg, October 15, 2010     



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Oblaidon commented on The Female Gender


Yes, I really like this one. Bravo! I few good chuckles in this one. Thanks, :)

Springsize commented on The Female Gender


Ah yes, Hampton, another light hearted view ... and it has always been a pleasure to find your poems.... as with this one, a bit of humor, irony, the caring to entertain the idea of "the other gender" and their day... now I'm thinking of Rosie the Welder, during WWII as compared to the ladies who either work and watch recorded oprah at 10:30 on sleepless nights, or fall asleep [as you did, on the couch, during the day] from afternoon oprah... I never fit into either category, but it was fun to relive "the norm" of female behavior for many women of the 90's.... tea and strawberry preserves is sooo that one hit right on.



Thank you. Your comments indicate a clear understanding of the levity and complexity that is man versus woman.

Stryx commented on The Female Gender


Ah, Hampton - a leopard does not change his spots, or a worm his sex - Oh, I guess that's wrong. Anyway,a delightful read, Mr. C.



Thank You kind sir.

Madelynn commented on The Female Gender


Yah! A mans man- being a woman's man.. what a sacrifrice you have made-lol.. now being a woman's woman- well that sounds alil off color,lol- let me fill you in a just a couple details that might help your transistion along.. I am extremly lady-like; and I- would NEVER eat a 100calorie salad, when I am truely hungry.. not much of a steak babe- but- gimme a huge bowl of Irish Stew, and a half a dozen chunks of buttered bread from the oven/or a ridiculously overstated plate of lasagna, or pizza- and I am a happy lass!! Wine?- hmm- not unless there is a holiday at hand.. even then, Im liable to trade that for a cold one outta the fridge when nobodys lookin(and, no glass for me). Oprah??- nope. All I ever acheived watching Oprah, was taking some weird 'How old are you, really' quiz administered by Doc Oz, and finding out Im like 92 with a foot in the grave,lol. Posh Posh! -at least if Im goin out Ill have a beer in one hand, and a full tummy!! lol.. bras and panty hose- well they are the evils of womanhood- but Im a free, liberated kinda gal, will just leave it at that!! LOL! but how your poem ended-Tell her you love her tonight and count your many many blessings, now that I cannot compete nor correct; this is what we want, this is what we need.. this is the only feminity you need worry about! With this in action- You can be as MANLY as you want, and we will still look at you with complete devotion... except when ya dont share the freaking remote!!-hugz, Maddi



Thanks Dear Heart. Your insights have given me new inspiration. Now, if I just knew what to do with it.



-Take it for what its worth, jump in that GTO, brush your teeth with a finger full of whisky... and for Good God sakes Hampton, leave the womens mags alone, there nothin' but trouble!!! ;) lol, Maddi



Sage advice.

MindNumbing commented on The Female Gender


This is great Hampton, from the first line to the last. You know us girls appreciate this stuff :) The lightness throughout the poem collides with the seriousness in the last lines to create a a beautiful, level piece of work. Nicely done!



Thank you for the kind comments.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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