Life Ain’t for Sissies


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    Life Ain’t for Sissies


    Life can be glorious and life can be serene

    Life can be discouraging and life can be mean

    Life can be first love and life can also be its loss

    Life can be a helping hand and life can be an albatross

    Life can be a soft caress and life can punch you in the gut

    Life can bring you happiness and life can leave you in a rut

    Life can bring you disappointment and life can lift your spirits high

    Life can bring you riches and life can leave you high and dry

    Life can take away your pride and life can leave you without a friend

    Life can bring you to your knees and life can seem a virtual dead end


    What is this thing we view as life with its constant ups and downs?

    To feel, to breath, to hurt, to love, to die amidst a million smiles and frowns

           We didn’t ask to be here; we could have just as well remained as dust

    Instead we find ourselves alive and so to stay alive we must

    So how do we go on from here, given the situation that exists?

    Should we choose to make the best of it with all its turns and twists?

    Or should we find the nearest closet and hide behind its door?

      Peeking out only now and then, never venturing out to re-explore

    The choice is yours and yours alone my friend, only you can finally decide

    Here’s hoping you choose to face life head on and give it one hell of a ride.


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg January 1, 2011 







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    TinaD commented on Life Ain’t for Sissies


    With this poem you have said it all. It was a very enjoyable read. Excellent observations.



    Buckle up. Life provides a bumpy ride. Thanks for dropping by.

    MindNumbing commented on Life Ain’t for Sissies


    Awesome, inspiring write, Hampton! You get out of life what you're willing to put in. Too many people are just not willing to putting any effort forth, I think. Thanks for this :)



    Onward and upward. Thanks for reading.

    stellar commented on Life Ain’t for Sissies


    to venture out there even at the expense of loss, failure, and pain, risk...that's how to live life for we don't know what and how much we'll reaped, the virtue is "trying", to live life is a question of courage as what Anais Nin said: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."...I'm still learning and preparing for it...well literally I'm a sissy but this is metaphorical right? lol...:)))



    It does take a great deal of intestinal fortitude to meet life head on. Thanks for the comments.

    Chaos128 commented on Life Ain’t for Sissies


    Ha ha You've defined the problem with well turned lines. We all come into this life without a lick of experience, and on the job training is an iffy proposition at best. Play it safe or go for broke? Abide by the rules or cheat like a tinhorn? Run with the pack or go it alone? And, in the end, it turns out the the game was actually less important than how you chose to play it. Go figure : D



    Well thank you my friend. May you prosper and live long.

    damuthaunit commented on Life Ain’t for Sissies


    All I can say is, "Thank you, sir!" To a man who has a gift with words. You can lift my spirit to new heights with what appears to be the simplest ease. The words flow from the paper to the depths of my heart as if I were there with you while you were writing. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to read your poetry. God Bless.



    The honor is mine as is your presence. Thank you and peace.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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